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Dear all Would like to know more about the following question:- 1) I do not wish to use stock keeping units and I would like the following to happen An item with safety stock = 10, SOH = 0 Run planning worksheet, system suggest to replenish 10 but with blank location. Question: is there a way that system could default a location instead of leave blank? 2) Planning worksheet ¨C is there a way that system suggest due date by excluding non-working days. 3)planning worksheet Requirement: A finished goods has a production lead time of 10 days. Every run can only output 100 quantities. If there is a Sales order of 200 quantities, system will suggest two production orders with 100 quantities each. The due date for first production order is day 10 from now and order date is current. The due date for second production order is day 20 from now and order date is day 10 from now. Assumption of this requirement is customer can only produce one type of item at any one time and production process is sequential. Thanks & Best Regards Pang LIn

Hi I will have a look at 3 later. With 1 in the manufacturing setup the components at location will resolve this, but I would strongly recommend you DO tick the location mandatory that you have said in another posting is not ticked, Navision does not treat blank as a location in many views, so if you have blank and a valid location you are going to cause yourself lots of issues. With 2 not sure what you mean, you can define the due date on the sales order using specific calendars to avoid non-working days, it depends upon your version but you have a company information calendar for you, which wil lplan your shipping and then customer specific calendars, but essentially if you do not work on a Saturday and Sunday and the customer wants it on 30/01/06 then it will tell you to ship it on 27/01/06. The shipment date then becomes your due date in production and the end date would be prior to this. Of course depending upon your settings you can build in warehouse movement biffers etc. Then depending upon your associated work center shifts and the running time of your routing will define the start date. As an example if in your routing you havbe one work centre that has an 8 hour shift and in the routing you have told the system the run time is 1 day then Navision will plan to end production on 26/01/06 but would have suggested starting it on 24/01/06 at the beginning of the shift, the three 8 hour shifts completing the 24 hours in the 1 day in the routing.

Dear Steven Thank you very much. You have helped me solved point 1 question. For point 2. I am sorry I did not put myself very clear. Allow me to explain my customer¡¯s requirement in detail. The customer had two locations for manufacturing the same product. These two locations had different working calendar and scenario goes like this. Assumption : Both locations had zero stock. Both locations produce same finished goods X. Period enter is the same. Production faorecast name used is DEFAULT 1. Enter production forecast quantity say 10 in location A 2. Enter production forecast quantity say 10 in location B 3. Go to planning worksheet and regen using the entered production forecast 4. System will suggest the production orders for the finished goods X at two different locations. The customer would like to expect two different due date based on the working calendar and decide which location should he assisgn the production order to. For my point 3, the scenarios is same as point 2. So that customer can decide which location should he assign the production order to. Thanks & Best Regards Pang LIn [:D]

Hi Simply put Navision does not work this way, and you will need to undertake a lot of development to get it to work this way, the due dates and locations are critical when matching the supply and demand, you are talking about juggling them making manual decisions and then expecting the next planning run to remember this.

Thank you Steven I would like to close this topic. Thanks & Best Regards PangLin