Repetive Manufacturing

Has anyone modified Navision to accomodate repetitive manufacturing. This is where production orders are no longer necessary; production scheduling and control are based on production rates. In my past experiences with other ERP packages, the term of orderless shop floor is used. Production is reported by production lines, assemby lines, or cells, not by production orders. Looking for suggestions on how to handle repetitive manufacturing in Navision 3.6. - thks TPT

Hi, We used Navision in such environment with minimum modifications. In our case each work center was be able to produce limited number of Finished Goods or Subassemblies (3-5) with quite long setup time if you change item. We setup Items based on output from work centers and routings with only one work center per item. Minimal order quantity = 1 shift of production (maybe you do not need this if your setup time is short). We setup Automatic Flushing of materials and labor based on output quantities. Also we limited only ONE RELEASED Production order per Work Center at a time. So it was enough to enter work center in output line. System automatically selected Production Order No. and Item. For data entry user selected work center and output quantity JUST TWO fields. (This was only modification that took couple of hours); In our case this was enough.

can u please explain me how to create purchase order on basis of production planning

Hi Kapil This looks like you are starting a new thread, if you are I suggest you post it in an appropriate forum and give as many details as you can as what you want to achieve, that way you have the best chance of getting some help.

Hi, Addendum to this repititive manufacturing thread, I would like to get a view from forum members about Navision fitment for continuous Manufacturing environment. In brief, the scenario is Coke is produced continously from fixed capacities. There is a single product line which are tracked and reported on a dialy basis with few fixed by products. In this case also the usage of production orders is minimal and if forum members could throw a light on any implementation issues with regards to continuous production? thanks and hope to hear further, Cheers Sreekanth

Hi Tom, Standard Navision manufacturing does not cater to repetitive manufacturing with regards to planning and scheduling based on the production rates. We had done some modifications to adapt navision. we introduced a new capacity unit Called Speed which can be defined with a additional type or Per minute, Per Hour, Per second. This unit is used in the routing lines and Production Order routings. The capacity is defined with stadard calendar functions of hour, minute etc. During the planning and production order refresh the system was modified to determine the time based on the rate using the speed. But you will need to control the production inventory unit to a standard and define the speed in terms of a Base UOM of item. For the scheduling in this case, we brought the Item category codes to the production order routing and used a function to schedule it based on these grouping fields so we can minimise the change over.