Planning worksheet

I have a client whose bills of materials can be for example 28 pages long. Their items are broken into many subassemblies, with production orders created for individual subassemblies. They are not using forecasts, so demand is generated by dummy sales orders. They produce the parent item in small batches eg 5 at a time, but the elapsed manufacturing time is about 12 weeks or so. Our problems arise when we run the planning worksheet. Their preference would be to have the worksheet only generated for those items relating to this specific sales order. From our understanding, this is not possible and Navision looks at all demand. In their case, they have open production orders (released and with planning flexibility set to none), but entries will still be created on the worksheet for those components that have not yet been consumed. The other issue, is that there is no easy way to look at the worksheet and see if the demand is attached to a sales order (you can only do this with order tracking) and it is impossible to do this for this for hundreds of items. (Most items are set up with a reorder policy of lot for lot). Has anyone had any similar experiences? (We are running 3.10A).

Hi Margie Have you trialled the “order” requisition code for a BOM and see how this affects you? It sounds as though you are setting the requisition parameters to be for a reorder cycle, and then not wanting to see this in the planning worksheet - but of course I am not familiar with your business and altering these flags have impact on the stock holding and replenishment rouitnes.

We do have the order policy set for order for some of the higher level assemblies. The main problem is that we get so many othe items on the planning worksheet, that are not related to this sales order, they are entries relating to already existing released production orders. My client then has issues with searching through the worksheet with hundreds of entries and working out which ones are only related to this specific sales order.

You could use order tracking from the sales order and add in the order tracking form the Item No. field. Hope this helps. Elena