Production planning in Dynamics NAV

Hi All, Scenario:- I have sales order for item “A” 1000 Qty. Now i want to production plan this sales order Partially. Because when run planning worksheet it will plan for whole qty. How can i do this in NAV ? NOTE:- except blanket orders.

Hi Ashoka,

If your item “A” doesn’t have any inventory, then it will always suggest a production order for the full sales order amount, plus whatever your other planning parameters are set to. Then why would it only plan for the partial quantity?

Hi ,

  • Just say i have sales order with Qty 1000 of item “A”.
  • I want to produce that sales order batch wise,
  • just think today i want to produce 300, when run planning worksheet(PW) it should plan for 300 only.
  • is there are any filed or setup something like Qty to produce or batch qty etc.

Ok Ashoka,

If you have a demand for 1000 units, then NAV will always plan for the full demand. But you’re able to specify a maximum order size of 300 units. Navision will then suggest 4 production orders (300+300+300+100). And if you have setup routes with limited capacity, then it will also plan the orders so that they are not all suggested to the same date.

The planning which takes place in Navision is based upon standard MRP/MPS terminology. And you should really get a book on how this is done, if you’re not familiar with the different planning parameters. You should also read the NAV 2009 Supply Planning White Paper.