Setting French as language of the nav 2009

hi everybody,

We’ve just get de license of nav2009 and after installing it unfortunately we’re not able to set French as a main language. Before doing it, we’ve already installed microsoft office. Although we’ve installing the patches for french lanuage the problem doesn’t want to be solved. we’ve done two times but the problem is persisiting. PLease if somebody could help us in this sens we’ll be very gratefull.



Hi Karim,

What client are you using: Classic Client (CC) or Role Tailored Client (RTC)?

Next: did search the forum? Maybe these posts maybe of help:

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  • adding language module on NAV 2009 SP1

Hi Luc

Thaks first of all for for your response. The client i classic client.

The other posts have no connection with my subject


Well I am not sure.

Please check the following:

  1. Does your client folder (probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic) have a folder called FRA?
  2. Open any table object in desgn mode, for example Table 3 (Payment Terms), i.e.
    1. Open Object Designer
    2. Select table 3
    3. Click Design
    4. Select field 2 (Due Date Calculation)
    5. Open Properties list (Shift+F4)
    6. What does the CaptionML property show? Is there a FRA caption available
  3. Open the Application Language window (Tools > Language). What languages are shown?

Hi Karim,

Any succes with my last suggestions?