Cannot select lanaguage on NAV 2009 SP1 RTC

In my installed NAV 2009 SP1 RTC I cannot select lanaguage any language other than English. The Danish sub-directory has been installed just as the US, but it will not allow me to change it.

In the classic client it works fine.

Any idea?

I can add the following information.

The RTC is installed on a Windows Server 2003 Standard edition running terminal services.

I have tried almost everything what I (and Thomas B) could think about - reinstalling client, reinstalling Danish language support etc. I’m currently running SP1 build 30609.

Hi Erik,

There is a hot-fix to resolve this issue. Please refer following links:

Hi Dhan Raj,

Sorry to say but this is not the same issue. The two links are in regards to a previously unsupported language. Danish is a fully supported official Microsoft Dynamics NAV language, and it was installed directly from the Danish Product CD.

Are you referring to the user profile, not being able to change it there?


Hi Andrew,

Actually it’s not possible to select any other languages than 1033 (English) from the RTC user Profile either. But if I’m running the Application Languages page directly then it displays all languages.

Ok - the issue has been resolved thanks to Sandy Keys of MSFT.

She pointed me in the direction that it might be the language component of the NAV Services that was missing. I was only concentrating on the client and I wasn’t even aware that there also had to be both a DAN and da-DK subsidiaries under the service files.

But everything works fine now.

Hi Erik,

What would be the possible setup required for us to see the selection for language in the RTC? We are currently using NAV 2009 SP1 R2 RTC setup.

I have followed your steps to copy the language component into the RTC and service folder.




Hi Erik

I would be grateful for any guidance on the “language component of the NAV Services”. I have this exact same issue with R2 and the German Language pack, where a DE database now needs to be added to a Server install that was orignally done for a NA database…and we will have a few more country-specifc databases to be added in the next few weeks.

Many thanks