NAV 2009 R2 RTC Language issue

I have an issue with the RTC and language layers.

I have installed the 2009 R2 client, server, middle tier and additional Danish language pack as described in the documentation.

So the NAV installation has Danish (1030) and US-english (1033) languages installed.

When I change language from inside the RTC it works perfectly.

However, when I change the language from the command line using the “-language:1030” (which is Danish) parameter it selects US-english.

I have tried to change the language code parameter to a language that is not installed, for example -language:1040, then I get an error message saying that the Italian language is not installed.

Ideas anyone?

Hi Lars

Do you have all relevant language files/folders placed in both the Client folder and Service folder?

hi lars,

you have to check code that related language id.




I think I have the right language files in both client and service tier folders, but it looks a bit strange

In the Service Tier folder I have 3 language folders: DAN, ENU and DA-DK

In the Role Tailored Client folder I have only 2 language folders; DA-DK and EN-US, but they contain the language resource files.

So I have the help files and the language files in place, and everything works fine when I switch to Danish from inside the Role Tailored Client.

It is only the command line parameter “language” that doesn’e work.

Hi Lars

Have you tried putting both the DAN and the DA-DK folders in both the Client and Service folders?

I mean - so that both folders exists “everywhere”, so to speak…