Additional Language in NAV 2009

Hi Expert,

Now, microsoft support additional language in 2009. So i go to microsoft website and download partner translations. Then i run the project i got below dlls.


But missing this Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.DynamicsOnlineConnect.dll. How can i get this dll? Can i add language without above dll?

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Hi Yukon,

the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.DynamicsOnlineConnect.dll is not part of the custom language option - it is an add-in. You might see the entry in the add-in table, but no translation needs to be done here. All strings/text which can be translated is in the template that you downloaded.

some common mistakes: Remember to apply the hotfix properly, and the entries in the add-in table should only be the assembly name, so remove any ending .resources.dll postfix.

Hope this is answering your question? Let me know if you have any problems.



Hi Dag,

Thank you for your reply. I agreed with your reply. But when i’m trying register at add-in table but i can not see language. So i copy and past CHSxxx at add-in folder and register again. This time i can see and choose language. Do you face this problem? It mean we need to put our language resource dll to language add-in folder. Is it correct or not?

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Hi, Yukon

It seems that we got the same issue. You said you copied and pasted CHSxxx to Add-In folder. But what does CHSxxx stand for ? It would be great if you can write more details about what you have done to make your language appear in the RTC select language list.

PS: We have followed up the guidelines given by partner sources without any mistakes. But still we dont get our language in the RTC select language list.

Thanks in advance !

Hi Ariuka,

Please check at this link or

If you stay error, please let me know. Currently i can not find my documentation.

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Did you install the SG language installers?

The file Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.DynamicsOnlineConnect.resources.dll is part of the SG installers directory.

For NAV 2009 SP1:

Hi all,

I would like to ask a help about following step:


The RoleTailored client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server cannot load untrusted assemblies. To enable your custom resource assemblies as trusted, you must register the strong name key in the database.

1. Open the Classic client.

2. On the View menu, click Object Designer, and then click Table.

3. Navigate to table 2000000069, Client Add-in, and then click Run.

4. For each assembly, enter the name and the public key token that you used when signing the files. To find the public key token, use the Strong Name Tool (Sn.exe) with the -T parameter. At the command prompt, enter the following command:

sn.exe –T assembly_name

For example, enter the following command to find the public key token for the Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.UI.dll file:

sn.exe –T Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.UI.dll

I dont know how to do at 4th step, where to enter command.