adding language module on NAV 2009 SP1

Hi, all. Last days I’ve tried “Partner Translation Tool” for Navision 2009 SP1. I’ve done all the steps in the manual. But still our additional language wasn’t appeared in the language tool of RTC. Also didn’t appear any error message.

Does anyone have a video tutorial or manual with pictures of this tool ? Please, help me.

Language in NAV is a multi-level thing. You have the language in your application - this is translation of all field captions etc.These texts can be translated by most partners. But without the rest then it will still not work.

And then you have the language of the clients (both classic and rtc). And with the three tier (RTC) you also need to set it up on the NAV service server. You find these files (for NAV 2009 SP1 only).

Finally you need to get your license updated, as it needs to allow you to use the alternative language!

Please let us know which part you have tried and which not.

Thank you for your response, Erik.

Our license has multi language and we can use Mongolian language on classic client without any problem.

But on RTC we can’t select Mongolian from language tool. Because of this, i’ve tried Partner Translation Tool.

I think, we’ve done all steps in “Adding Language Support to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1” document correctly, but no result … what should we do now :slight_smile:

Is it necessary to seal nclcsrt.stx file?

Hi Ariuka,

To be able to just what you actually tryibg to address I would like to know where do you get this “Partner Translation Tool” from?

Hi, Luc. I got it from Partner Source. Actually, now i can see the additional language on RTC language tool. But there is another problem :slight_smile: … i can’t see the captions in Mongolian language that is already translated in Mongolian with ML captions…

what is the reason… what should i check?

Did you have a look at this recent post: Message in Different Language?


Could you give me the exact link?

I would love to see that link too, because according to what I know then there exists no Mongolian version of NAV 2009 SP1 on PartnerSource. If a such version exists then it’s provided by a partner, and not supported by Microsoft.

Hi, Eric. I found that tool from your old post … from this link{274B2A00-5FA6-4201-91B7-B4B038D26328}&NRORIGINALURL=/partnersource/support/selfsupport/productreleases/MSDNAV2009S1la

This is not about the message in Different language. Almost all objects in our database has a multi captions ENG and MON. About Classic Client, there is no problem we can select language from language tool and see the object captions in Mongolian. But in RTC it didn’t work… we don’t need full translation of application, we just need main object’s caption in Mongolian…

OK, Ariuka, I wouldn’t call that a tool. Nevertheless as Erik says:

:slight_smile: should it be better if i call it Hotfix? Anyway, issue is we cannot use Mongolian in RTC… i’ve spent so much time to search information from internet, manual, online help etc… but no result… please help…

There is anyone tried that hotfix for unsupported language?

So do I understand your correctly, that you have used the document above and you have created your own translation of Navision into Mongolian?

From the page you link to:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 is supported in various languages for different countries/regions. As Microsoft uses code signing, it is not possible to create additional languages for the RoleTailored Client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.

This means that unless you also have a copy of Microsoft’s tool for code signing the new language, then it will not work.

My only remaining suggestion to you is to call your local Microsoft office, as they will be able to do this code signing for you (and for a fee).

[;)] … finally, our mongolian language is showed in RTC… Problem was in server side… in 64 bite OS server doesn’t support those changed .dll files… that was the reason why we cannot see caption texts in mongolian… Thank you, guys.

Great and thanx for sharing the solution.

Hi Niura,
I have the same problem. How do you solved it ?

thank you