scheduler in Attain 3.10

Hello, I have read in the docs of Attain 3.10 that there is a scheduler included which can e.g. let run reports at a certain time. To set up the scheduler the service management is needed. My question is now how I get into this service management? We have installed Navision Server and a client on our W2K Domaincontroller. Thanks for your help ! gotag p.s. We are just starting learning about Navision, so our knowledge is really bad at this time !

Well, first off, you require to be licensed for Service Manager. If you are not, then it’s a moot point… you just won’t get in. grin Second, once you can get in, I would advise looking at all the manuals for setups in this area. You will be required also to have all your Company Information and G/L setups done (and I’m going to assume you already have) to access most functions anywhere else in the software. Finally, if your NTR has a demo database or demo scripts for the Service area, they might be good to get a hold of also!

Hello, thanks for the answer. We have already set up Navision 2.6 in several countries (all done by a NSC, not by us ourself). Can you please tell me what this Service Management is ? Do we have to install this additionaly or is it included in the server installation? How can I open this service Management ? Lisence should be ok, because we have one of the NSC itself aswell (means not only those restricted to our subsidiaries). Thanks a lot gotag

Hello, Service Management is a new module that was introduced with the release of the first version of Attain (3.01), hence you do not have it the old Financials 2.60 systems you do not currently have. Please note that it may be called something different in your local version. It is a new section within the database itself to complement Sales & Receivables. The purpose of Service Management is to maintain ongoing contracts with customers, for example maintainance contracts for repairing computers, boilers, engineering machinery, buildings etc. In order to use Service Management, you will need to move from Financials to Attain & buy the granule for this. If you require a demonstration of how this works, ask your Microsoft Navision Solution Centre & they should be able to provide you with one. Your posting seems to suggest that you have a copy of your MNSC’s licence. If this is the case, you should not use this. Firstly because if it is used without care, you can seriously damage your database. Secondly, but more importantly, Navision/Microsoft Business Solutions may revoke your licence agreement with them for breach of contract. Which means that you will not be permitted to continue to use Navision. Hope this is of help.

Hello Edward, Thanks for your reply. I have already contacted our NSC about this topic. About the lisence: This lisence we have got from our NSC ín order to import fob’s into the system. So I think there is nothing wrong from our side, because we have to use it in order to update the database ! regards gotag

In addation to the original subject: one of our dutch trainers told us that you can access the job-scheduler from every module, that is if you bought the granule. In the list of mandatory modules you will see the the job-scheduler doesn’t have any requirements. Regards Peter


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Well, first off, you require to be licensed for Service Manager. If you are not, then it’s a moot point… you just won’t get in. grin

You could easy copy Scheduler object to a new no-series and license this object instance of buying CRM-Service. But the best would be that Navision are making an own granule of the scheduler.