Navision Attain Job Scheduler

Navision Attain has a job scheduler that is part of the service management granule.

It appears that this job scheduler is flexible and can be used for other things not related to service management. I’m wondering if anyone knows if the job scheduler runs under the Navision service on the server or if there has to be a client logged on for the scheduled tasks to run. I have a timer-based form to autopost purchase orders, but it requires me to start up Navision on a PC and run the form. (I have a hyperlink that will start the form from the desktop also). I’m hoping this job scheduler in Attain might be more sophisticated and is somehow integrated into the system itself. Does anyone know?


David Rochford
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Sorry. The Scheduler isn’t as sophisticated as You hope it is. It still requires a client that is logged on. Now that we are talking about batching: HotCopy can now in 3.01B be used to do a database test. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it also could be used to start an object inside the database. That shouldn’t be so difficult to solve for Navision. //Lars

hello, I have not been looking at the Navision Application Server very long, but… When ever the NAS service is started a particular function in CODEUNIT1 is run. I would guess that one could put some code in that function that could enable the execution of the scheduler. This will enable a scheduler (without a form) to run as a service without userinterface and without logging into the server. I have not tried this, I am not sure this will work, I do not know if you can find another timer solution (other than the form), but it is an idea, anyway br Anders

Would the Attain job scheduler work under any user who was running Attain? What if there are multiple users using Attain? Does this mean if you have reports scheduled to run overnight and everyone logs off that nothing will happen? If so, its not much of a job scheduler. I wonder if its worth the price ($1120 USD) to get the code and be able to modify it or if I should just create my own. David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188