CRM in Navision Attain

Hi I’d like to know if and how can Navision Attain handle the following process: Tracking and driving the opportunities through the sales cycle, without extensive use of reports and paper, but rather with scheduled appointments, tasks, to dos and so on, which I can see on the screen. Example: You are the customer, I am the salesperson. - you call me and tell me you need a solution for a problem (like you have a notebook and want to connect it to the Internet, but you don’t want to use a cable for that). - I search for your contact record, open a new opportunity and write down your problem and requirements (one notebook, internet connectivity, no cable). I also ask you some additional questions, like how fast do you need the solution, is it budgeted, do you already have an offer from another company, and so on, and I store your answer - preferably in dedicated, separated memo fields. I also give the opportunity a winning probability - let’s say, 10% - first contact - we agree about the next contact date and time, as well as other details (send you a quotation, etc.). I schedule in my agenda a call with alarm. - I pass the problem to a tech guy (using an internal messaging system, the best one would be Navision-integrated). Based on the next contact date, I also set a deadline for the tech guy to send me his answer, and I need an alarm in my calendar about this deadline (let’s say, 1 day before I promised you the answer). - the tech guy gives me one or more possible solutions (products, services, etc. with part numbers) - either by writing this down directly into the opportunity’s memo fields, and sending me a notification message (“you got the solution for your request”), or by sending the whole story via the internal messaging system. The first method is the best. - I make a quotation for you, and email it to you (as PDF attachment). The quotation and - if possible - the email - are saved into your contact’s history. I update the probability to 20% - quotation sent - the day I promised I call you I get an alarm from my calendar. I call you, ask you about the offer and so on and further update the probability based on your feedback. - the process goes on, with details, actions and alarms recorded in Navision, until you decide to place the order - I need to manage daily all the cases like yours, and schedule my agenda, calls, to dos and other tasks accordingly. I don’t want to have my desk full of papers and reports, but rather have a nice and clear overview on the screen. I need to easily communicate with others and get quickly answers and notifications about changes. When my boss calls me and asks me about the current status of cases and projects, I want to be able to quickly print a report and show him the forecasts for current day, week, month and quarter. Thank you!

Hi Have you looked at relationship management in 3.60? This does parts of this as standard, interactions, opportunities, etc, coupled with the integration with Outlook. You would need a full specification of requirements to see what could be handled in standard 3.60 and what might require modifications.

Thanks for the answer, Steven. Yes, my post is based on my beginners hands-on experience with a 3.6 demo version. I don’t know yet anything about the Outlook integration. Do you happen to know where I can find some guidelines and/or helping material to define the “full specification of requirements”?

Hi My reference to the full specification was from the customers perspective. Once you know “everything” required (functional wise not just one example) you will be able to compare this to the system, and what it can do. On the 3.60 demo I believe there is a docs folder, in there hopefully there will be documentation on relationship management and NAS integration with Outlook.

Hello, I have a supplementary question. By activating the next fase of a pre-defined opportunity the todos are generated automaticaly. Our problem is that every generated toto is dedicated to the salesperson who owns the opportunitiy. In our case the todo’s aren’t always for this salesperson. Example : Prospect opportunity Fase 1 - todo send mailing (dedicated to internal coördinator) Fase 2 - follow up by salesperson I’m aware that todo’s can be modified manualy but we like to specifie this in advance so the salespersons picks an opportunity-template and the todos are generated as the salesproces develops. Is there a solution for this problem? Can we specifie the dedicated person of the todos in opportunities in advance (or maybe of the activity). Thanks Herman


By activating the next fase of a pre-defined opportunity the todos are generated automaticaly. Our problem is that every generated toto is dedicated to the salesperson who owns the opportunitiy. In our case the todo’s aren’t always for this salesperson.

Good question of Herman. Does anyone have the same requirement (we do [:D])? I could imagine that after almost a year there has to be some development in this direction!

there are some gaps in the standard functionality in Navision. We built some library components to solve this, like for example: - add the question fo a new todo in the interaction wizard - add a shortcut to the contact profile in the interaction wizard, to fill in questionaires during phone calls - add the possibility to add a specific team or salesperson or role to an activity. etc. etc. Besides, the functionality in 4.0 of postponed interactions is very usefull too… not being able to save interactions was one of y biggest points…

Peter, Are you delivering this as an add-on to Navision? If yes, could youy send me the fact sheet? Thanks.

It is part of one of our new add-on modules, called PRIMA basis. I don’t have a factsheet yet because it is relatively new, but I can supply you with some features if you want to, please contact me at…

Hallo Peter, ik kan je niet mailen op je doorgegeven e-mailadres, dan probeer ik het maar langs deze weg. Ik heb wel degelijk interesse in deze add-on. Kun je me hierover wat meer info sturen? Thanks Herman