Navision CRM -

Hi all!

I have another question on CRM module into Navision: How and What process can be used to ensure that the Company has the sales contacts (from shows, meetings, trips, drawings, base visits etc) and that they get entered into Navision to determine what type of “contact” they are. I think of if each of the reps had a card scanner the information may be transferable right into the ERP, but I do not know how the coding would take place or just use the visit card ?? Any clue?


I didn’t full understand your question can you explain it in a different way?

Sorry let’s me explain again.

Is it easy dor Navision to handle Vcard or Business card information without customisation only by scanning the card?


Directly in Navision you can’t. But you can take advantage of Navision Outlook synchronization and handle vcard in Outlook.

Thanks Nuno . This is what I thought also.