RTC License

Hi All,

I would like to know how NAV Licensing model works for NAV2009, do you have to buy license separately for RTC or only the number of concurrent users id defined and you can use either CLASSIC or RTC for that many concurrent users.

My client has license for NAV2009, but that doesn’t include permissions for RTC, while using RTC it gives the following error:

“You don’t have permission to run ‘Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server System’, contact your system admin…”.

Will the client have to pay additionally to Microsoft for RTC?

Any thoughts, please?

I found the solution:

Granule ID 9100 (Module Name: Dynamics NAV SERVER) is required to run NAV Server (RTC and perhaps Web Services will also require this granule) and Granule ID 2140 is a pre-requiste for Granule 9100.

The client’s license was not having Granule 9100, so we were not able to use RTC.

Edited: Granule ID 2140 is NAV 2009, which will be obviously there in any NAV2009 license, so this pre-requisite doesn’t make much difference.