NAV 2013: No permissions to run the 'Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server' System.

Dear Experts,

Developer environment is working fine but as i start RTC it gives me error

You do not have permission to run the ‘Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server’ System.

Can any one help me…

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Open NAV database using Development Environment and click Tools–> License Information → Upload your license

I have uploaded my Licence But still same problem Persist.

After uploading you need to restart the NAV service also.

Also be aware that you cannot use a NAV 2009 development license for running NAV 2013. The classic client might work, but not the RTC.

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Hi Manish,

Did you verify that the license you are using in fact is the license especially configured for Dynamics NAV 2013, NOT for NAV 2009?

Hello Erik,

Sorry for not verifying any solution,

however the problem has been resolved, but even after uploading the licence RTC was giving You do not have permission to run the ‘Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server’ System. error but as i tried to connect through webclient(net browser) i got the the message regarding licence problem. here i am not getting the differnce for the error where as the solution is same…

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