You do not have permission to run "Microsoft dynamics Nav server"system

I have been working on Microsoft Dynamics 2009 Classic with Sql server version to change some settings, mainly in financials and have not touched anything to do the nav server.

When I closed the program and tried to open the nav 2009 tailored version. I received the above mentioned error and it closed by its self

Any ideas why this happens?




The above error is because your Navision License doesn’t include Granule 9100, which is required for running RTC (Role Tailored Client.)

Check your license if that granule is included in it.


The license does include that and I have used it as late as this morning with no problems. It is only the fact, I like to set up new settings from the old version as it is easier and faster. But when I tried to log into it again, it showed the error.

Also, (this could have something to do with it) when I tried to change the accounting periods, an error said that this is the demo licens and did not allow me to change the dates unlesss I used oct, nov and dec, so I uploaded the licens file, and the problem godt fixed.

but this above mentioned problem occurrred!!! I wonder why it changes to the demo licens by it self

Many thanks



Open NAV database using Classic Client, then go to Tools>> License Information >> Upload (choose the correct license).

Now try opening NAV Database using RTC, it should work, basically you are getting error because some other license which doesn’t have permission for RTC is uploaded in the database.

Many thanks for your help. you were right, we did not have the licens to run RTC. Problem is solved now after we bought the right permissions.



Great! Many thanks for your help.


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