migrate Nav 4 SP 3 to NAV 2009

Hi all…

I want to migrate using nav 2009 from nav 4 sp 3

after i back up database NAV 4 sp 3 and then i restored it using NAV 2009

what should i do next ??

is it already done?

thanks for the information

Hi Stan,

That is not the complete migration, rather in this case you have just upgraded your executables and at the client machines also you will need NAV2009.

If you are a partner, then you can download the upgrade toolkit from Partnersource, I think these should be available for download on this website’s download section.

You will need the tools like NDT (Navision Developer’s toolkit) or a mergetool which can be downloaded from www.mergetool.com

But if you are a customer (end-user) then I suggest you to have a implementation partner for doing the upgrade.

oh ok thanks a lot Dhan,

by the way like you said… in another topic in this forum, if we want to use RTC , we must have RTC License
→ Granule ID 9100 (Module Name: Dynamics NAV SERVER) is required to run NAV Server (RTC and perhaps Web Services will also require this granule) and Granule ID 2140 is a pre-requiste for Granule 9100.

do you know what granule if we want export to excel and word?


The above works for FORMS and there is no granule requirement for this, you just need to upgrade your executables to either NAV5.0 or higher (and even you don’t need to do full upgrade for this, will not need any partner).

Please check if your license is upgraded for these versions or not.

If you are paying Annual Enhancement Fee, then you can get the license upgraded for free.