Role center - KPI list error

hi, I’ve installed Ep and Rolecenter. when i opened the role center i’m getting an error messg saying "

An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the analysis server."

please suggest what needs to be done here.

This is a classic stuff, which might have been already discussed on this forum before. But basicaly the problem is that you don’t have Analysis Server installed or properly setup for use with AX. Obviously, the role center page, which you are trying to open, has so called KPIs (indicators) in it which use Analysis Server as a data source.

If you have successfully installed the analysis services on the server ,then connect to it through admin and process all the cubes.

Thanks for the replies…now i’ve re-installed Analysis services. But now i see the below error.

Query ,The dimension ‘[Master Company Reporting Currency]’ was not found in the cube when the string, [Master Company Reporting Currency].[Currency].&[Local], was parsed.

what might be the issue?

Rename the dimension … I’ve already deal with this problem…

Each field and dimension have to be named as the quey said, it’s a headache to modify each one but good luck, it works

Hi Dserrano,

can you tell me which dimension i need to rename and which fields i need to rename?

can you elaborate on this…

This is the way I solved :

Open the profile and try to edit the web part and see which report is trying to load … you will see an error related to parameters.

Then find that report in Reporting Services and try to open… now you’ll see error details “…Dimension/field…” can not be found.

In BIDS find the according cube and see if the name of the dimension or field is different and renamed it.

I’ve installed for the first time rolecenter. so i dont have an idea . I’ve edited the webpart for KPI list default one but i dont see any report trying to load…please suggest how to check that…

Open AX > System administration > User profiles > then select one profile and click in the view role center button … the web browser should be open … if you can´t see it, you have problems related to the installation of the Enterprise Portal.

There you can edit the web part ( SP knowledge) good luck

Hi ,

I am also facing the same problem and unable to solve it. Can any one tell me in detail please, I am facing this problem form long time.

Thank you