Errors in role center displaying KPIs and Indicators


I’m having some troubles when I try to visualize the indicators and KPI’s in the Role center. I’ve already deploy the analysis project from AX without any errors.

Some KPI’s and reports are well done display but in others I got the following errors:

1.Query (23, 5) The MEMBERS function expects a hierarchy expression for the argument. A member expression was used. --------- I noticed that this error is only display in role centers related to the production cube. Is there missing a hierarchy in one dimension ?

  1. The dimension ‘[Transaction date - fiscal calendar]’ was not found in the cube when the string, [Transaction date - fiscal calendar].[Year].[All], was parsed. -------- I configured the fiscal calendar in AX, should I rename the dimension, create another one or something is missing in the configuration?.

  2. Unable to set parameter values before rendering the report. Contact your system administrator for assistance. ---- I tried to edit the web part setting up the parameters but I got -----> An unexpected exception occurred in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Report Parameter Web Part Editor.

Any ideas how can I solve ?


Dear Daniel, Did you get an answer for this?

Thanks in advace