how to view role center kpi's and analytics?

Dear All,

I have deployed business intelligence ax default cubes. where should I see the results I mean the analytics and KPI’s. I have googled for them and found that I should see data in home (at ax client) and enterprise portal and the user should be assigned a permission for cubes profile in the following path Organization administration/Area page/initialize role center profile yet nothing is shown in my client. what is missing?


Hello Hassan,

when you are going to home module and then select the role center, what is coming exactly? is it some error page ?

Thanks Kunal for your replay.
I got an error now. after tracing I found that the role center server SharePoint installation is not working well as the SharePoint configuration database was deployed to an SQL server and they have moved to another one. I guess I need figure out a way to get the SharePoint server configuration points to the new SQL server.

Hello Hassan,

you can rerun the configuration of sharepoint to point it with new sql