Return-Related Documents window doesn't exists

Dear All,
I am currently using Nav. 4. sp2, in a sales return order → functions → create returns-related documents, I’ve done
it and when I close the window return-related documents, I can’t find out how to call the windows back to see the return-related documents created beforehand, if I use the function again (functions → create returns-related documents), it will recreate purch. return order, purchase order and sales order, so there will be double entry created, I want to see the window again because it will directly lead me to the document card by using line → card (shift F5) in the returns-related document windows. I indeed can see it from object designer but if tabledata are not allowed to see, I can’t do nothing then.
In the financial mgmt module → receivables - combined return receipts, but it is for sales return order, but I can see for purchase return order. isn’t it available and just for receivables functionality…?
your answer is expected so much. tku.


The process is a one off creation, I believe, it tells you the documents but once you leave this screen that is it, there is no retained link, it has done its job in creating the documentation. If you generate this again it will indeed create return related documentation again. No relationship is kept once these are generated.

We have the same concern, only haven’t had enough of a problem to actually make a fix for it.

But it we did, here is what I would change.

the three documents that can be created are the Purchase Return Order, Purchase Order and Sales Order, The sales order does have a reference created to the Original Sales Return Order, it has a field labled Sales Order, and this gets populated with the Sales Return Order number, so you could make an easily link to it, I would add the same field to the Purchase header table and populate it with the Sales Return Order number for both the Purchase Return and Purchase Order when the documents are created. Then you could use the same link for all your related documents.

Dear Themave, Dear Steven,

tku for your reply, I will try to use it but I think Steven right. Maybe need some modifications to maintain the table, but if not to necessary, it can be skipped. This topic is closed/solved