Sales orders and return orders AX 2012


I was wondering whether it was possible without development work to group sales orders and return orders on one screen, for example the sales team can select all orders and it displays all the sales orders and return orders together without having to view on separate screens?


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Have you looked at using the advanced filter options within the sales order order and saving filters for future use?


When the return is processed, it gets displayed on the sales order list form also, but not at the time return order is created. There is no standard functionality to display un processed return order with normal sales order.


Im sorry to bother you,

I thought this was the case, I have createed return orders, how do I now process them?

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If you removed the !Created from the advanced filter search, it is possible to display return orders that have a created status along with sales orders .

I appreciated this may not be the best way to display return orders / sales orders together, but it is possible. Perhaps consider creating various search options within the sales form to suite the needs of the user, less expensive to development …Have a look at the options available in the advanced filter search in the sales order form.

Thanks for this information

How do you change return orders from open to created?

To answer your other question, how to process a created returns orders …in quick steps as there is more to it than this, like returns codes / disposition codes etcs …

The return order creates a record in the arrival overview form (SWM > Perodic > Arrival overview) … Select and start the arrival process, this then creates an Item arrival journal (SWM > Journals > Item arrival > Item arrival) …do what you need to do here then post, this then creates a sales order or the returned order type …

Hope this helps