Bug in Sales Return Order - Function - Create Return Related Documents

I am just trying to get Return Sales Orders working in V4.0 SP2.

When Selecting the Function/Create Return Related Documents I get an error:

“The user-defined C/AL function that takes 7 parameters was called with 5 parameters”

Is this a bug and is there a fix?


The probable reason for this error is,

The Function ‘SetProperties’ in the ‘Copy Document Mgt.’ codeunit( ID: 6620) requires 7 parameters as input ,

where as the function is being called from Report :Create Ret.-Related Documents( ID:6697) with only five parameters, IF you compile this report you will probably get the same error.

Changes have been made in the ‘SetProperties’ function in version NAV 5. In version NAV 4 it required only 5 parameters whereas in version 5 it requires 7 parameters( I checked with 4.0 SP3 and 5.0 SP1)

You may need to analyse the two additional parameters and setit right.

Hope this helps…