Error Code Library

Is there some place where I Can check for Error codes.I mean the functional errors and thier solution For example I have an error when I am posting Return Order - " You Must Specify Returm Receipt No. Series in Sales Header Document Type =‘Return Order’, No.= SCRN-020003. In the sales & receivable setup I have No series for all items. Please advice

You can use the Debugger to find out where the code is stop. Turn On (Thick) “Debugger” and Turn Off (Un Thick) “Breakpoint On Triggers” and then Posting your ‘Return Order"’ the debugger will show you the code that cause the error. Aloi

Did you have the number series entered before creating the Return Order? I think the Return Receipt No is set when the order is created. It is either that, an error in the setups, or and error in a modification if that area is modified. Does anyone else know of another reason this error would be generated? I’m not aware of a list of functional errors and solutions at this time. For now I think this forum or your NSC are the only answers.