Sales Order Return

Hi all,

Can we copy a posted invoice twice on copy document?

Heres what I did:

  1. Processed a sales return order with copy of posted invoice

  2. Found a mistake in this return,Un-do this return

  3. Process return again

Error on copy document

Can we enter return manually?

  • Processed sales order return manually without copy of posted invoice

Error on posting


Welcome to DUG

and what are the error messageS?

Error 1 (Copy): Exact cost reversing link has not been created for all copied document lines

Error 2 (manual): Application from item entry must not be 0 in reservation entry entry number=111, positive=yes

Hi there,

If you are trying to create a Credit memo for sales then yes, you could use the “copy document” feature more than once.

And if I understand your second question correctly: yes, you can definitely enter the return manually - you just have to make sure that you don’t use the same number- as Navision will not allow for duplicate on the sales module.

I hope this helps!


Hi , thank you for your response. We are using the copy document from the sales order return functionality to do the return.

Would the copy document work more than once?

If not what other way can we do the return?