Reservations in 2.6

Surprise! The purchasing department strikes again and we do not have enough inventory for 5 different customer orders. We are going to pro-rate our on-hand stock over the 5 orders. Is there any way to use reservations to do this without changing the original customer order quantity? This customer (5 orders/ship to destinations) is an EDI customer and we need to keep this data online since they want quantity ordered/shippind data sent back (typical EDI crap - why do they need us to tell them what they ordered?!). We are using warehouse management and when a pick doc is generated is reserves all available inventory up to the order qty… you cannot reduce the reservation. This ties up the inventory making it unavailable to the remaining orders until you post the shipment - which we don’t want to do before the order actually ships. We just want to reserve/pick/ship the quantity we want to. Any ideas…are you going to tell me to upgrade?! Thanks.


Originally posted by speetz
(typical EDI crap - why do they need us to tell them what they ordered?!).

It is necessary to understand the fundamental basis of EDI. EDI is basically a job creation program, designed to keep Cobol programmers employed till the end of eternity. If you are using it for something else, then you must be confussed. [}:)] PS: maybe you need to upgrade.

Scott, Actually, the pick doc is simply a recommendation and you can reduce the amount you pick. Once you’ve picked the amount you want, you ship the order for that amount and then delete the remaining pick document with the outstanding pick amount. All you’d need to do is simply create a new pick doc. With Warehouse management enabled, you could make a pick run for each individual order at a time. Take the first order, reduce the amount on the pick doc, ship it, and then continue the process with the other orders. This would be the only way to do so without a modification of the process…yes, it’s manual in nature, but it’ll do what you need.

Thanks Bill, I guess we’ll have to “ship” them before they actually ship… Does anyone know if 3.6 or 3.7 allows you to manually override the reservation quantity? What I mean is, in 2.6 Navision reserves all or none - do the same rules apply in the new release? Thanks.

Reservations are much improved in 3.60. I suggest you have a look at it. It is still a bit odd, the way you actually reserve. By this I mean, you have to select a line,a nd then hit the button to reserve from that line, it would be so much better if you could just get the line list and then just type in the quantity to reserve for each line. Anyway having said that there is a work around. (There always is). Say you have four lines that you can reserve against (say qty 10, 15 and 20) and you want to reserve 12, but you want 2, 4 and 6 from the respective lines. Just enter a quantity of 46, and reserve, the system will not be able to autoreserve (there are not enough on hand) then you will have the optin to manually assign the quantities, and then just reduce the quantity to 12. Sounds a bitround about, but it works.

Scott, I may have miscommunicated this. It’s not required to ship an order in advance to accomplish this. Actually, I’m assuming you’re trying to pick multiple orders all at once using the Warehouse Pick Menu screen. Try doing this directly from the sales order itself or simply select one order at a time and then you can tailor each order directly without having to ship anything.