Item Reservations


My apologies if this is a duplicate post.

We have a situation where we do not stock all our items in the warehouse, but we make them available for sale all the time. We also do not create a PO for an item until there is a need for the item.

How can I create a reservation for an item that has 0 availability, and the PO will not be created until the sales order is released? When I have tried to create a sales order, it asks me to make a manual reservation, but there is nothing to reserve the sales order against, even after creating and releasing a PO.

What are my options with this. I can’t seem to find anything decent in the help documentation and there are few posts on this site or Microsoft to assist. We are using NAV 5.0



You already yourself answered to your own question [:D]

Only available Qty can be reserved. Released PO’s Qty will be reflected in “Qty on Purch.Order”, but can’t be reserved.

Thanks for confirming my fears…

How do I make sure that stock on a PO goes to the sales order I want and not to some other order that may be entered later?

For instance: Customer orders 75 of an item we normally do not stock. A PO for 75 is created. Another customer orders 3 of the same item. The 75 arrive in our warehouse, but the way WMS works, the order for 3 can be set up to pick before the order for 75. How od I make sure the 75 go to the order for 75 and the 3 wait for the next PO to arrive? Granted the best solution would be to stock this item, but I can’t.

This was an actual situation and the orders for 75 and 3 were sent to the create pick list at the same time. However, NAV created the pick for the order with 3 before the order for 75 resulting in a pick for 3 for the second order and a pick for 72 for the first order.

Creating a special order would do this - here you directly link the purchase order to teh sales order, almost like a direct delivery, but the goods come to you. Lots of caveats on that process though so test it!

Also you may have a date issue. If you have a sales order set to ship on the 10th of June then you can not reserve it against a purchase order that is set to arrive on the 11th of June.

Dates are normally where users go wrong in these cases.

Adam’s suggestion to use Special Orders should be OK. We use Special Orders and it is OK for us (we have low volume and high value orders).

If you purchase for concrete sales, you may suggest looking at Drop Shipment functionality.

But this doesn’t hit Inventory (Warehouse) at all, and is used mainly in cases, when the goods doesn’t appear in Inventory physically, too - kind of a direct delivery from Vendor to Client.

Wow! Thanks for all your great suggestions.

For certain reasons the drop shipment process will not work for us for all our usual situations. We do use the drop shipment functionality in NAV for certain orders.

I like the special order way, but the dates are an issue. These orders will have items on them that will ship immediately as well as items where we will need to use the special order functionality. Most of the items we will special order come from Europe and the delivery time is unpredictable at best.

Would I set the delivery date of the special order to today’s date (the order shipment date) to get these items to reserve properly?



You have top make sure that the expected receipt date is BEFORE the expected ship date. Its very logical, just think it through.

That makes sense…

OK, I will test this and see how it works.

Thanks to all who gave advice,


Todd, did you end up getting this to work ? and if so, how did you do it ? I have the same situation, I don’t stock inventory, but when a customer wants something a sales order is created, then i create a PO to purchase the goods, the I want to receive them into inventory and put them directly on to the PO.