NAD and reserve

When you create a warehouse document for picking, Navision automatically creates reservations. Does anybody know how to cancel these reservations on sales order when deleting the warehouse document ?

On the Sales Order, go to ‘functions’ ‘View Pick Document Lines’. There you see the Warehouse Document Lines form. Then go to ‘View’ ‘Whse Document’. Click in the Header and press F4 or . Then close everything back to the Sales Order document. Then select the drill down arrow in the ‘Reserved Quantity’ field which opens the Reservation Entries form. Select ‘Functions’ ‘Cancel REservation’. Let me know if that worked. cheers,

Yes it works. That’s what we are doing. The problem is that it’s time consuming when you have to cancel line by line. Thanks.

We have added the following bit of code to the OnDelete trigger for the Warehouse Document Line - But and its a big BUT this only works at this particular site since we have restricted them to only generating one Picking Slip at a time per Sales Order. Variables: ReservMgmt - Codeunit 400 - Reservation Management ReservationEntry - Record 337 - Reservation Entry // Determine what has been reserved against inventory for this item // This assumes only one Picking Slip per order at a time ReservationEntry.RESET; ReservationEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“Reservation Status”,“Item No.”,“Variant Code”, “Location Code”,“Bin Code”,“Expected Receipt Date”,“For Type”,“For Subtype”,“For ID”, “For Batch Name”,“For Prod. Order Line”,“For Ref. No.”,“From Type”,“From Subtype”, “From ID”,“From Batch Name”,“From Prod. Order Line”,“From Ref. No.”); ReservationEntry.SETRANGE(“Reservation Status”,ReservationEntry.“Reservation Status”::Open); ReservationEntry.SETRANGE(“Item No.”,“Item No.”); ReservationEntry.SETRANGE(“Variant Code”,“Variant Code”); ReservationEntry.SETRANGE(“Location Code”,“Location Code”); ReservationEntry.SETRANGE(“From Type”,ReservationEntry.“From Type”::“Item Ledger Entry”); ReservationEntry.SETRANGE(“For Type”,ReservationEntry.“For Type”::Sales); ReservationEntry.SETRANGE(“For ID”,“Source Document No.”); ReservationEntry.SETRANGE(“For Ref. No.”,“Source Document Line No.”); IF ReservationEntry.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN REPEAT ReservMgt.CloseReservEntry( ReservationEntry.“Entry No.”,ReservationEntry.“Reservation Status”::“Cancelled or Changed”,TRUE,TRUE); UNTIL ReservationEntry.NEXT = 0; END; //end of Reservation Deletion Hope this goes some way to helping