NAV Pick Worksheet

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone’s come across this issue before?

I have a warehouse that uses Warehouse shipments and Warehouse Picks, the code involved is absolutely Standard NAV 2017 CU6

So here’s a scenario… i’ve just created a new Item, i have 1000 on inventory, 900 are in PUT bins 100 are in PICK bins. (new item so absolutely nothing on journals, existing picks, shipment or anything else)

I have 11 sales orders, each for 100 EACHES of the new Item, with 2 orders scheduled each Friday for the next 5 weeks and 1 the following week, 10 orders are reserved against inventory, 1 is on back order as we have insufficient inventory.

So i create a Warehouse a warehouse shipment for the first order due out of the door tomorrow and release it, everything looks great, i go to the Pick Worksheet screen use Get Warehouse Documents, select my new Warehouse Shipment and hit ok and it brings my line through for 100 as expected and the Qty. Available to Pick is 100 BUT!! the Qty. to Handle is 0 when i’d expect it to be 100, no biggy i’ll just hit Autofill Qty. to handle right? doing so gives me this following message

“Quantity available to pick is not enough to fill in all the lines.”

that’s weird right? as we know we have exactly 100 sat in a pick bin and the Pick Worksheet Available Qty. to pick says 100, what gives? again no biggy i guess? i’ll just fill in the Qty. to Handle manually… do that then click create pick and then OK, i then get this error

“You can create a Pick only for the available quantity in Whse. Worksheet Line” wait a minute?! we’ve got 100 sat in a pick bin with no other allocations.

dig through the code and i see in Table 7326.CalcAvailableQtyBase that our Warehouse Available Qty. is -900?!!

There doesn’t seem to be any config around this (except always create pick lines, but that’s not what we want) so NAV expects our warehouse team to always keep all of the stock that we’re ever going to ship that has a Inventory reservation in a pickable bin? imagine if we had a customer ordering 1000 of 50 different Items per week for the next 10 weeks, NAV wants 500,000 items just sat taking up valuable Pick space rather than bulk storage.

This seems like a crazy design decision, that’s a sure fire way to destroy your pick operation efficiency. so has anyone else encountered this and come up with a nice solution? ideally without altering core NAV? or maybe i’m missing some config somewhere? The obvious solution is to not use reservations but that’s just not an options for this business, the above scenario would be very common.