Reservation of physical stock

Hi there. We have got a very big problem with reservations/inventory/sales, and we would like to implement a Business politic concerning this topics. 1)Reservation of inventory is going to be done directly by the system weekly (normally on weekend) and reservations will expire in current week on friday. 2) Unreserve all physical inventory. 2) In this process we would like to sort sales order by amount 3) If we have got stock for the full sales order we would like to make reservation of material 4) Go step to the next order 5) if we don’t have enough stock for the full order, go to the next one. I think this could be a good method to assign reservations and increase our sales. Any suggestions or tips? Wich objects/methods can we use? Thanks all.

Why go through the hassle of using reservations at all? Why not just use the Navision pick document? You could simply create a pick and the quantity on pick could reduce the amount of inventory available…through a small modification. This way, you would have a hard copy of the desired allocation…the pick document…and wouldn’t have to deal with the unreserving and reserving issues. It seems cleaner to me.

Hi Muzzy, are we talking on the same??? Navision or Axapta? Yeah, i know that Axapta has got too the pick document. I explain you further on this. The problem is that we want to grow our sales. We are having some problems actually not with Axapta: 1) We deliver EXWorks 2) Our main warehouse is almost crowded of material. We want to optimize our sales, allotting the material at the beginning of the week for the whole sales orders. During the week our sales personal will be able to interchange the material with their colleagues, but they will know, that sales will decrease. Do you understand the process now???