Reservation of SO to Item produced


Our client has Make to Order scenario for Sales. Following is the requirement:

  1. Same SKU been ordered by multiple customers.

  2. Batch tracking is enabled for Items.

  3. Its important to track the Prod. Order generated against the Sales order which generted the Prod. Order and has to be reserved (base system funcationlity)

  4. When the Item is produced (i.e. Reported as Finished) in production, it should automatically reserve against the same sales Order against which that prod. order was created. This will help while picking/packing to automaticlly select the same Batch produced.

We tried with Sales Order reservation with Automatic and Manual option however Item produced does not reserve against the same sales order. It is reserving against any Sales Order depending on the Prior Sales Order or Ship date where as we want one-to-one reservation.

Is their any way to incorporate in AX 4.0 SP1


Have you tried generating the production order from the sales order? I presume you are doing this through Master Planning? Pretty sure the update marking will not do this for you, but you could try it. What is your reservation method - automatic I presume?


We are generating production order from Sales order directly. We have tried with automatic and manual reservation in Sales Order.

Did not get the desired results.

Can you elaborate more on “Update Marking”.



Yes, I am also facing the same problem with Job order reservation and here is the suggested solutions I have received from MS is to unchecked all the fields under allocation in the batch number group setup.