Reserve a PO item for Production order


How can I reserve an item on the PO for a production order in AX2012?


If you have reserve order items set then the production order will take the reservation status from production and link, more true if you are using planning with marking. I would also guess you could manually reserve if required.

Adam, I understood the question this way. There is production order for X, for which Y is a component. There exists a Purchase order for Y (Ordered state). Now this PO quantity to be reserved against the production order.

Correct me if i understood the question wrongly, Anyways I tried the above scenario, but couldn’t achieve this. Can you direct me if we can achieve this, just trying this out of curiosity.

Hi Santosh

Yes I believe you understood it as I did.

Not that I have tried but if you have a PO for a component and you create a works order with no stock of the same component then set it to the stage of the “reservation” point in AX (Or start it and produce the pick with reservation on) and the inventory parameter of reserve ordered items is set I would expect it to reserve against the PO. That said I have never tested it, so if it does not do it I would look at it and confirm for my own curiousity:-)

I am also waiting for the solution.

And what part of the above does not work for you?

From the Production order>BOM, selected the specific component for which i want to reserve the “PO” items, then Inventory>Reservation, couldn’t see the Purchase orders at all. seems Gap.

Have you reserve order items in the parameters? The system would make the link, not sure you can manually.

I enabled the “reserve ordered” parameter, but i’m expecting it like we should be able to manually link the PO. In fact, we would need it even though we have the stock for the product (assuming the case where i would like to allocate the current the stock to sales)