Physical Reservation -Disable


I have Problem in Physical Revision AX 2012 R2 . We made Reservation parameter as Manual in sales and marketing and Production control module .

But still Items are getting reserved automatically against Production order.

Kindly advise any other place to deactivate Automatic reservation.



When is the stock being reserved?

Dear Adam,

Sorry for the delayed response , As soon as Production order completed .

What stock is being reserved, you mean the finished product?

I imagine the way you are creating the production order is linked to the demand, perhaps you create the production order direct from the sales order, or perhaps you have extended marking on in planning etc (not sure that actually does that) however you will have a process that means you make for a particular order and therefore it reserves the stock transaction to the outbound because of your process. i dont have the details of the process, but look at the stock transactions, especially look at one before the order is complete and the linking or structure in the net requirements etc.

Did you checked on item transaction? Against what do you see the reservations ? Sales order? Transfer issue?

This is only happening if we post Route cards through Job Registration .

Are you talking about components or finished product on the production order?

Previosly you said it was reserved as the production order is completed, which indicates it is the product being made? Can you confirm that?

What is it being reserved against?

If you are talking about the raw material to make the product I dont understand, you have said you have finished the order!

Dear Adam ,

Sorry for the incontinence caused .

We are using Job Registration to post route card , up on posting Last operation ,System post automatically Pickling list , Report as finished journal .

Up on Posting Report as finished Journal , that itemid get’s Physical Reservation . ( Production order Itemid Get’s Reserved ).