Create non reserved production orders from sales orders

When I go into a new sales order I use the ‘planning’ function to check and then create produciton orders for the items in the sales order. I used to select item order rather than project order and this would create the order without reserving it on the sales order.

However now it is reserving everything whcih is causing problems as most orders are generic so I just need to generate demand, not link a particular production order to a specific sales order.

I’m more confused in that this behaviour is new so I am suspicious that there is a setting change somoene’s done that they’re not aware of, any ideas ?

If you generate it from the sales order it is reserved for the sales order. I would suggest not doing it from the sales order and running it from production through planning itself, but then this in part depends upon teh item coverage type and when you firm it which selections you have ticked regarding marking and reservation.

Ok but that doesnt explain why it didn’t used to be reserved but since about a week ago it is !

No it always creates an inherent reservation, always has done due to the creation method. There may be something in the item coverage group but not really from memory.