Report margin / Citrix problem

I have a report which prints Invoices on 3 part forms using a dot matrix printer. The report has worked without a problem,for months, and now some print runs cut the right hand margin off the report. The user who prints this report is connecting via citrix. I can’t recreate the problem at will locally or thru Citrix, but some batches still cut the margin off when run w/ Citrix… Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thanks, Matt

m_leser, Are you sure that the font you use is the same as if you work without CITRIX? Is your printer mapped in CITRIX? John

Thanks for the suggestion John. I passed the info along to IT, and the Fonts and Mapping seem top be in order.

Well, we figured it out. It turned out to be that the print server they were using started flaking out. Reinstalled, and all is fine.