Citrix Oddities: Page Breaking and Margins

One of my clients runs Citrix on Windows Server 2003. They’re using Dynamics NAV 4.00 SP2, native server, same version.

What’s happening is that many of the standard printouts within the NAV product are having ‘margin related’ issues - for example, Test Report of journals, the print out is cut off along the right edge unless the Page Setup is changed to remove ANY margin from the right edge.

What’s even stranger is that, on some reports (including the standard 1401 report, the check!), after some header sections, the resulting document has mysterious page breaks.

This isn’t printer specific - it happens going to any printer installed, including the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.

Has anyone run into this problem before? I have to believe it’s a Citrix configuration issue, as I’ve not run into this ever before, even in other Citrix environments.

It is an issue with sp2, not citrix

Yup! The hotfix linked in your post (provided below for speed) outlines this “little bug”:

P17) It Is Not Possible To Print On Other Paper Size Formats


It was only possible to print on A4 paper format with Navision. Now Navision will use the printer driver settings to identify possible print formats, A4 will only be the default when the printer driver does not return print size formats.

This has been corrected

KB reference: 911818

Link to updated SP2:

Updated SP2 includes KB911818’s hotfix, for which you’d have to contact MBS support to get.

I had the same problem with report margins and page breaks. I downloaded the fix and it corrected the problem [:D].

The version of 4.0 SP2 I am on is:

I think it now defaults all non-modified Right Margins to <0> instead of <1000>

I’ve come across the same problem.

Here is what happened:

Well, what’s funny is that I ran into this again and a different hotfix was needed.

PartnerSource KB #919409

Basically, the issue is that the right edge always has a margin of 2 cm or so.