Print Error

Hi[}:)] Our customer is using Navision via citrix, a particular user has a problem with report printing. When he used the print button from the report, there are only blank page(s) printing out. But if he previews the press the Print icon from tool bar, he received a message “A change to the printer, paper size or paper orientation has afftected the size of the printable area. This could affect the virtual appearance of the report. Do you want to print?”. If answer yes then there are blank page(s) printing out. The only place that printing is working is preview then press the Print icon from within the preview section. Has anyone experienced that problem, and why does the message come up? FYI: I have checked with the network guy, he said that when you preview then your stuff will be loaded (or dumped) to your local printer then you can print ok, but if you print straight then your stuff will be loaded virtually to your printer via citrix. He said that it is a problem of citrix. I am not so convinced because I do not understand the differences b/w print and print preview from Navision. Thanks

I don’t have the complete answer for you, but I do know that it is possible for a different printer driver to be used in the different printing situations. I believe that when you do a print preview, Navision (or Windows) uses the printer driver that you have defined on your workstation for the default printer. And when you print on a physical printer, the printer driver associated with that physical device will be used. I have had experiences where the results from the two approaches to “printing” a report were quite different, one working fine, the other not working at all. Perhaps your problem is related to this behavior. I’m not sure how Citrix deals with the printer driver issues, but it probably adds another level of complexity to the issue.