Different Output on Same Report

Our developers have modified the Sales Invoice report. The strange thing is, the layout and format of this report are different when each of them try to print it. They have duplicate settings, are both running through citrix, printing to the same printer, using a duplicate driver. We just cannot figure out what could be wrong. Anyone got any ideas? We have also checked the font settings in user options


If you have not already done so, please try clearing the usage data (Tools → Options → Usage data).

Also make sure that the end users have not carried out any changes on USR layer. The other thing to check would be that users have same rights i.e. belong to same user groups etc.


I have exactly the same problem when printing A Purchase Order print to a dot matrix printer with a defined paper type. Different users seem to generate a different paper length even though all the settings seem to be the same. Any info would be great