Problems with posting purchase invoice

Dear Dynamics User Group.

I have problems posting my purchase invoice as seen in the picture. Its currently in the “purchase invoice journal”. Ive only created one line where the type is “G&L” and then i added the account no. from the chart of accounts.

My picture is attached. It is in Danish but maybe you can get a sense of my problem. When i try to post i get the following error in danish:

“Product posting group should have a value in purchase line: Document type=Invoice, Document no.=107003, Line no.:10000. It cannot be zero or empty”

I dont understand the message because ive chosen G&L account, so why should i choose a product posting group?

Nor do i understand that it says line no. 10000. I have only created one line as seen on the picture?

Do anybody understand where i should choose a “product posting group”?

I really hope you can help me.

Best regards, Simon.


NAV sometimes checks settings which it is not going to use later.

In this case, NAV COULD need this setting to find a G/L account for Purchase Invoice discounts or Line discounts.
So in stead of checking it when it actually needs it, NAV does the check in an earlier stage

So even if you post directly to a G/L account, you need these to setup. (That’s why they are present on the G/L-Card)


arhhh, Okay :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, this helps :slight_smile: