difficulty in posting purchase invoices.

hey,anybody out therecan help me with posting new purchase invoices…i am just a beginner in nav and need a little help on dis topic…whenever i try to post an invoice it gives me an error " you must specify GPPG in purchase line doc type… so pllease help.

I think there is a Customization which requires some info before posting.

ok…I will check it out agn…thank u

Is it an item on the line?

GPPG being general product posting group - so you have a line without one. If it is an item go and put it on the item. Although if you do not have the GPPG what are the chances you have not ocnfigured the setup? If it is a GL then you will need to add the field to the line and add it or add it to the account, it really depends what you are trying to post.

GPPG is not a modification assuming it is what I have said, but this illustrates the need to write down your errors as they are seen, to give people a better chance of helping you!