Error in Posting a Purchase or Sales Transaction

Hi all,

I am facing a problem while posting a purchase or a sales invoice which was earlier working absolutely fine. The error

details are as below.

The transaction cannot be completed because it will cause inconsistencies in the G/L Entry table. Check where and how the CONSISTENT function is used in the transaction to find the reason for the error. Contact your system administrator. Tables can be marked as inconsistent during comprehensive tasks, such as posting. This prevents data from being updated incorrectly.

Please provide me the guidance of eliminating this error.


Are there any modifications in posting routines, improper modifications can be one of the cause?


There is no modification in the posting routines, but the original data was deleted after posting failed…

When you say the original data was deleted. Do you mean you went into the GL Entries table and deleted entries? If so then the database is destroyed and unusable. Please restore from the latest backup and reenter all changes made sine then.

Hi ,

Assume your are using Version 4.0

If you are booking purchase invoice for FA then in Version 4.0 CST /Service Tax is not getting calculated while posting of purchase invoice of FA and that time you will get above error.

So before posting Kindly remove the flag for Load on inventory in Structure Setup and then Post .For CST you need to pass FA JV.

Hope this will resove your problem.




just out of curiosity, how did you know that the OP is running version 4 and that he is posting Fixed assets? I did not read that anywhere in the post?


There was no internal deletion of the entries from the GL Entries table but the entries that were there in the Purchase invoice were deleted from the UI itself…

Asim, how did it happen?

It is really a major concern, the database might be corrupt now…I think it is irreparable…

From where u r posting this Purchase Invoice i.e. through order i.e. receipt and then invoice or direct PI. if first one and if u have deleted something I would agree to Dhan and David u screwed ur database.

But if not u created a Purchase Invoice directly and posting failed[:)], So it was just document which did not get posted and u deleted. First of all, Instead of looking at why this error is coming, if u r a partner u should not have deleted it and if u r from user’s end u shud have contacted ur partner.

I would say to check your taxes, press F9 and see what it is showing in Sales Taxes means to what digit it is rounded off. Even in NA db i have seen this,but exactly do not remember what I did, for sure it had something to do with sales tax. Give it a try !

Thank you all for your response…

The problem was at the VAT application…i.e. when i post the invoice directly after creating it (purchase / sales invoice) that have the “Prices Including VAT” checkbox unchecked, the process performs smoothly.But, when I want to include the VAT rates by checking the above mentioned checkbox the error of inconsistent data reappears. I could not find the way to apply the VAT tax to the invoices.