Purchase Invoice error

just finished setting a new Nav company and I am doing some test but getting an error when trying to purchase items in the Purchase Invoice Lines Tab: ERROR “Type must be equal to G/L account in the Purchase Line: Document type=Invoice, Document No.=PINV-003, Line No.=10000. Current Value is ‘ITEM’”

NOTE: Am Purcashing Items so I know type should be ITEMS in the Lines TAB

I have used Rapid start for importing 95% of the data including the SET Up Data.

What could I have missed?

seems like a customization issue to me. please check if you have any customizations…

Thanks Mohana, I have not made any customizations yet

can you activate the debugger and check from where exactly error is coming.

Thanks Mohana I have used the Debugger and it was complaing about some TESTFIELD function in the purchase line table when I followed it up VAT Set was lacking.