Problems posting an purcharce invoice.

Hello Guys.

I have a problem posting a purchase invoice.

I have no problems when im using an item, but when im trying to post it to an G/L account i get an error.

It says that the Product Posting Group should have a value and cannot be zero. The problem is, that i cannot find the “productPostingGroup-collumn” and i cannot find it when i try to add more collums to the invoice-lines.

Do somebody have a clue?

I can post this screenshot. Sorry for the language (its danish). I can repost something in english when i get home to my other computer if you need more info.

I really hope somebody can help be. Thank you very much.

Best regards


I managed to fix the problem. It was just the productpostinggroup on the G/L account card that i needed to fill. Sorry for the spam :slight_smile: