Problems posting an invoice

Hello Dynamics USer Forum.

I have just been setting up invoices. Ive posted 5 invoice without problems and suddenly i get this error when i try to post:

“Qty. to ship must be equal to ‘1’ in Sales Line. Current value is ‘0’.”

I have tried everything, but i really dont know what the system means by this, and how i can fix it. Just to make sure i have posted a screenshot of my problem below.

I really hope someone can help me :-/

Best regards


Hi Simon,

It means that you have a problem. [;)]

Since you’re entering an invoice (not a sales order), then this field is not even visible (although still in the table).

What is different from this invoice and the other invoices? Different items?

I’m really not sure what could have caused it.

Hello Erik.

Hmm, the item is the same, the credtior is the same, so i really dont know what is happening.

Just for “fun” i tried to post a sales creditnote:

If i just push the button “Post” i get the following error: “Method ‘Page44.a60Action61a62_a45_OnAction’ not found”

If i push the button “post and mail” i get the same error as in the sales invoices, though instead of “qty. to ship” it is “qty. to return” (“Antal til modtagelse” in danish).

Do you have any idea about what is causing the trouble?

If you have any ideas to solve it i would be very glad to hear :-/ . For the record: I dont care about the stocks. If there is a solution which dosent work with “stocks” its okay with me, because our items is not stock-items.

Hello again.

I thin i found the solution to my problem. I was just “sniffing” around the system and came opon the “sales setup/configuration”. I noticed there was a field called “standard qty. to delivery”, It was set to “empty”. I changed it to “remaining” and that was the solution to my problem.

Anyway thank you very much for your time, Erik :slight_smile:

Happy to hear that you’ve found a solution. Didn’t actually think that this field had any relevans when using Invoices!
If I were you, then I would report it as an error in NAV.

ok, i will definitly do. Thank u very much :slight_smile: