Problem while connecing RTC to Nav server

Hi Guys,

I am new to this Navision, i downloaded trial version from website ‘Navision 2009 with SP1’.

I did the following:
Server: I have windows 2008 server (64 bit) with SQL server 2008 installed in it.
Installed database components first.
Installed Nav server

except these two (database components and Nav Server) no other components are installed on the server machine.

Client: Windows XP with SP3
Installed Client (Role Tailored Client).
While installing gave the Servername and port as 7046 (default port).

When I run the client from my xp machine, it asked for the server address and have like this “servername:7046/DynamicsNav” and clicked enter and i am getting this message and unable to proceed further.

“A server was not found at “net.tcp://servername:7046/DynamicsNav/Service”. Either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available.”

Am I missed anything in the process of server and client? BTW I have checked the services on the server and they are running fine.

Please help me in resolving this issue. Thanks in Advance.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Janu,

There is a file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service\CustomSettings.config (server) where you need sometimes to modify some parameters after the end of the insall, check it and don’t forget to restart the NAV server service in case you made changes on it.


Thank you very much Mohamed Ali Ben Amor for your reply.

I checked the customSettings.config file, all are with default values. I am suspecting the following tags are causing problem.

NetType = Default, (I dont know what the client uses)

DatabaseInstance = “”, (shall we have to give anything here)

The rest of the settings (default) are looking good for me. Could you please point out which settings have to change in that file?

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You can make a new instaance(Service2). The detail of making service 2 is given in help file and after that u change the config file according. Then you connect the server by using service2.


But before making the change in config file create a new database and restore the backup on it.


Have you chosen to install the Demo DB ? if not then run again the installation and add components, choose SQL server option (Demo Database) then change the config file accordingly .


Thank you very much Vikas and Mohamed Ali Ben Amor,

I didnt installed the Demo database. I just installed the database components and Nav server on the server machine and configured the server. If i install RTC on the same server, its working but i want the server to be connected from other machine (Clinet)

So I installed the RTC on an XP machine and trying to connect. But its giving that error.

Thanks and Regards


Hi Janu,

Did you check whether your SQL server is installed for network service or domain account. if you haven’t then do change it to network service or domain account i.e. database engine and reporting services.

then check whether your client machine have enough privilege on SQL Server.

did you mention database server name and database name in CustomeSettings.config file in server machine. If you didn’t then provide the server and database name in server name field and database name field in CustomeSettings.config file in server machine. same in client machine CustomeSettings.config file too.

Hope this way it will work fine.

All da best!!!

Janu, you have to create one DB, how can the RTC or even the classic client works without connecting to a DB regardless installing in the same or different server…


Thank you very much Guys,

Got the problem solved. Adding my client machine to server domain solved the problem.

Thank you very much for your suggestion and greatful to you all.

Thanks and Regards