Error while open RTC in NAV2009 SP-1

Hello All,

we are planning to migrate the hardware and sql server 2005 to sql server 2008 r2.

rt now i have two server one where my live data(IP is running and another one where i have made the test server(IP

than i install the client RTC in one machine having windows 8 now when i configure it with my test server

(IP its showing me error or not able to connect. than i again reinstall the rtc than connect its agian showing me error, if iam connecting through the classic client, its connecting to test server but in rtc its showing me error.

same case when iam login in server and open the navision with the classic client its working but while open through rtc its shows me error please check the user name and password.

any one suggest me what to do to over come with this.



Did you set Windows Authentication setup for users?

and syncronize users…

yes when iam connecting it through classic client at that time using the windows authentication, and i have syncronize the particular user id also.



Did you check config file whether you are connecting right database or not?

Hi Mohana,

Can you please tell me where i will find this config file , and want to how can i check this file is connecting to right database or wrong


If you are using Windows 7 then path will be

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\Service

in that file you can see DatabaseName and Databaseserverinstance options…


i have open the file customsetting.config file here database name is

and the server instance is
add key=“ServerInstance” value=“DynamicsNAV”>

here i have to change the database name.



Open it in Notepad and change the server name and database names

Dont forget to restart NAV services…

change the server name and the database name but issuse not resolved again same error

the userid and password are invalid . try again



Did you restart NAV services?

yes i have started the NAV service , but error is same .

can you show the Config file after modification and what did you enter in RTC Server Adress url?

Below are the details


add key=“DatabaseServer” value=“OTMUMHONV01”></add


add key=“DatabaseInstance” value=""></add


add key=“DatabaseName” value=“OrientDatabase11Dec2012”></add


add key=“ServerInstance” value=“DynamicsNAV”></add


add key=“ServerPort” value=“7046”></add


What do you have in RTC Server Adress url?

i have just put the ip of ther server , while insatlling the RTC

when you are trying to open RTC, after getting error, it will open an window where you can select Server Address, drilldown in the address and check what do you have?

after getting error this screen is appering which i have attach.

Did you try to see what do you have by clicking drilldown option of Server Address

its blank , nothing is coming here iam attaching the screenshot.