NAV2009, RTC not connecting


this is Prasad, I installed the NAV 2009 in two tier environment with developer options,and i configured the server and it is working fine through finsql.exe.while i am connecting through RTC,its showing this error in localhost& Client side also.

“” a server was not found at 'net.tcp://localhost:7046/DynamicsNAV/Service.'either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available.""

I enabled the services Dynamics NAV & Net.tcp with “Ntauthority/network service” and i didnt change any cofiguration file"CustomSettings.config".and i configured in server ,a new database and new companys on it.Demo database also is there.i successfully uploaded the Devevloper License file also.

What is the problem,can you please suggest me on this problem?

Thanks in Advance

K.Ranga Prasad

Change the servername from localhost to [your SQL Server name].

What is the server name, while connecting using classic client, use same in while connecting through RTC.

This will connect to Demo Database, if you want to use the other database, then you need to make changes in “customSettings.config” file,

its default path is

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service\customSettings.config.

In this file, you need to change the database name:


Name of the database to connect to.


change the name of database.

In your last post, you wanted to check if your license is valid for NAV2009 or not, what was the outcome of your finding?


In my last post,we uploaded a wrong license,thats y i got that error,and i contacted to microsoft,and we got a new license,uploaded successfully.So the Last posted issue has resolved.


Thanks for reply, i followed wat u said above info.I changed the database name which i created new database manualy manually.But i got the same error.

Demodatabase is connecting in the local system,before changing the demodatabase name in coustomsettings.config is connecting in only local system where i installed NAV server,mssql server and its not connecting in client side system.the error in client side is the same like above error.


K. Ranga Prasad


Can you connect to database using classic client from same client machine?


I am able to connect the new database from client side through finsql.exe,but unable to connect form RTC.My SQL server is in Mixed mode,with this option getting any problem for that?


K.Ranga Prasad


From server Mechine also i am unable to connect the new database from RTC.i got the same above error while connecting in server also.can u please suggest me?


K.Ranga Prasad.