Printing issues for Bank reconciliation report


Let me explain our deployment a bit first:

Terminal Services access to the Navision server

We have mapped/installed specific printers on the virtual server that users connect to via TermServs to access Navision. (We are not passing the user’s local printer mappings through TermServs).

I have an odd situation. Some of our users can print the Bank reconciliation report fine after previewing it. Others cannot. When it goes to print for them, strange symbols print instead of the normal report (smiley faces, hearts, shapes, etc). Again, this only happens to certain users. Most of my users do the same exact thing, in the same exact environment and it prints fine.

So…my suspicion is that this is driver related, but that is odd because the print drivers for the printer are installed locally on the virtual machine we are connecting to when accessing Navision.

Any ideas as to other things I can try?

Let me understand it. The users who cannot print the bank reconciliation report are they able to print other reports?

Have you tested printing from other programs (ex. Word)?

Yes, they can print everything else to this same printer, and everything prints normally – from Navision and Word. It’s just this specific report that prints out strangely with the strange special characters. This is only happening to some of the users; for others, it prints fine. Which is why I am so confused because the way we’ve set this up (we’ve installed the printer on the virtual server running Navision, so they should be the same for everyone connecting), I would think it would be the same across all machines connecting and printing.