Printing Bank Reconciliation Statements in Navision 4.0

Hi everyone!

I am actually involved in the implementation of Navision Financials 4.0 for an IT trading company.

My actual concern is about Bank Reconciliation Statements.

Can anyone tell me how to print Bank Reconciliation Statements in Navision Financials 4.0?

Will it require customisation or is this feature available in Navision Financials 4.0?

Please treat as urgent.

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Hi Beatrice,

your post is a little short on information, but lets see if we can help a littleā€¦ The way Bank statements work in Navsion, is that you get a printed (or electronic) statement from your bank, and then you reconcile this to the bank trnasactions that have been posted in Navision.So really there is no need to ever print a bank statment from Navision. It would be much like printing a Vendor invoice in Navision, you may want it just so you have it, but what use is it really.

Can you try to explain exactly what you are trying to achive, and I am sure someone will have done it before and be able to help.

PS can you also update your BIO with some basica information. WHere are you located, what is your role (NSC end user freelancer etc) and what version of Navsion you are on.

PPS please remember that this is a volenteer forum, and we all do want to help you, but even if the request is urgent it wont guantee a quick answer.

Yes, the bank reconcilation prints, when you post you can select to just post or post and print.

Many companies require the bank reconcilation be printed and filed for auditors.

We have to print and the manager has to sign the reconciliation to show that he has reviewed it. Keeps the auditors happy.

You can post and print the bank reconcilliation, however this does not give you a dialog to select what to print. After you post the bank rec, you can go to the bank account card and select Bank Statement, then print it from here, then you can select on the options tab what you want to print (i.e. outstanding checks, deposits or everything). Once you print this way then your zup file will remember these options and when you post and print the next time it will print as you selected it. The printed bank statement is very comprehensive and will meet your auditors requirements.