printing issues with single user

I have one user who can not print the reports properly. His system is the same as all our other users, although he has view only permissions. However, when he views/prints the report…no negatives are displayed. Does Navision 3.10.B reference Excel somehow? How can i check or reset his system to print and view the report properly?? Thanks for any assistance ( i am very new to Navision )

(1) Try to use another user id (which you know works) and print on the bad computer…If it works, then it is a permission issue and you should find the missing permissions. I doubt this is the issue if the report prints and you don’t get a permission error (2) Try to use the bad user id on a computer which you know works. If this works, it is a computer issue. If this is the case, try to delete the ZUP file on the bad computer and retry the report.